Our Firm

Osborn Rohs Williams & Donohoe is a Cincinnati based investment firm dedicated solely to helping clients achieve their investment goals through a disciplined investment approach. Founded in 1901 as W. H. Fillmore & Co., our firm has a long history of serving individuals, retirement plans, endowments and corporate clients. At Osborn Rohs Williams & Donohoe, we strive to maintain a firm culture of professionalism, high ethical standards, teamwork and mutual respect in all that we do for the benefit of our clients.

Experience combined with a proven long-term investment approach helps our clients navigate the financial landscape in uncertain times. Our portfolio managers average over 25 years in the industry.

We are proud of our long term client relationships and level of client retention. We believe the foundation of our success is based on our personalized approach to investment counsel, always placing first the needs of each individual client.

In the words of our founder, Mr. Fillmore, written almost 80 years ago;

“The only certainty of the future is change; a reminder that no relationship or condition is ever entirely static, but is always more or less dynamic. Our dependence has rested largely on the commendations of our clients”.

William H. Fillmore, Founder, Through 30 Years
Retrospect of the first 30 years in business, 1931